Tempesta 110 Shower rail set 2 sprays (Rain, Jet)

matte black
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For a shower with a cool and contemporary look and all the functionality you need, the matt black GROHE Tempesta 110 shower set for low pressure is the ideal solution

This GROHE Tempesta 110 shower set in stunning matt black offers amazing performance and a sleek, stylish aesthetic to create your bathroom makeover around. The 110mm diameter hand shower features 2 sprays to suit different moods: soothing Rain eases stress, while the focused Jet is ideal for rinsing hair after shampooing. Both are easy to access using the innovative GROHE SmartSwitch diverter on the back of the shower head. GROHE DreamSpray technology ensures that the flow of water from every nozzle is equal, for a perfectly balanced spray pattern. A minimum of 0.1 bar of pressure is recommended. The ShockProof silicone ring is there to prevent the hand shower itself, or the shower tray or bathtub, being damaged if it’s dropped. GROHE SpeedClean enables you to brush the nozzles free of limescale with just a finger. The package includes the Tempesta 600mm shower rail and the Relexaflex 1750mm shower hose. The sturdy hose is built to revel in hard work and can withstand water pressure up to 5 bar, tension up to 50kg and heat up to 70°C. The smooth surface is easy to clean – one quick wipe with a dry cloth and it looks as good as new – and it won’t cause any damage if it comes into contact with the shower cubicle or bathtub. The AntiFold design ensures it won’t bend and end up with annoying kinks. The rail comes with a gliding element and swivel holder, so adjusting the height and angle of the shower is super easy. Thanks to the GROHE FastFixation installation system the upper bracket is variable in height, meaning it can be fitted to existing drill holes. And the GROHE Long-Life finish of the shower set is hard-wearing and easy to clean for a flawless surface that will last a lifetime.


  • består av:
  • hand shower Tempesta 110 (28 422)
  • dusjstang, 600 mm (27 523)
  • shower hose 1750 mm 1/2" x 1/2"
  • GROHE SmartSwitch - easily rotate the dial to enjoy your preferred spray option
  • GROHE DreamSpray perfekt strålemønster
  • GROHE FastFixation (adjustable upper bracket for existing drill holes)
  • adjustable glider (turn and glide shower holder)
  • SpeedClean antikalksystem
  • Inner WaterGuide - inner insulation for surface and scalding protection
  • ShockProof silikonring som forhindrer ødelagte dusjhoder
  • maximum flow rate (at 3 bar): 17.3 l/min
  • til lavtrykks
  • min. anbefalt trykk 0,1 bar
  • profesjonell utgave
Pos.-Nr. Produktbeskrivelse Ordrenummer
1 Holder for dusjstang 486072430
2 Hånddusjholder/glideelement 486092430
3 Holder for dusjstang 486082430
4 Sil 0700200M
5 Utligningsskive 48543001*



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