GROHE Sense Guard Smart vannstopper

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GROHE Sense Guard - the smart water controller for enhanced water security

Welcome to GROHE Sense Guard – the innovative smart water control system that is a real life-changer. The German-made device monitors the flow, pressure and temperature of water in the pipes 24/7. One look at your smartphone tells you all you need to know! The Aquablock function shuts off the water automatically if a pipe bursts*. Even micro leaks** – which can go unnoticed for a long time and lead to lasting damage – are identified. That means total peace of mind even when you are away from home or on holiday! The smart Aqua IQ function learns your patterns of water consumption and detects anomalies*** and AquaTrack generates a comprehensive picture of your household usage. The risk of frost damage is reduced as GROHE Sense Guard also assesses water temperature and alerts you if it might freeze. The GROHE Sense app is the hub of the system. It takes seconds to download and gives you instant control, allowing you to monitor your water supply, customize your settings and also turn off the water manually. For a qualified installer, fitting GROHE Sense Guard is a simple job using the wall-mount set (22501000). Installation by one of GROHE´s Water Security Experts ensures reliable product operation. * GROHE defines a pipe burst as a complete hole or crack in the downstream piping system that results in an unintended release of water at close to maximum flow rate. Pipe burst detection depends on the general water usage profile so the time-lag to shut-off can vary significantly. During the delay water might escape. Achieve a higher detection speed by combining the installation with GROHE Sense at critical locations. ** A micro leak test is conducted once every 24 hours. Pipe material, volume and other piping system characteristics can impact the result. Micro leak detection is limited to the cold water system in most cases. Combine with GROHE Sense to monitor potential humidity increases over time. *** Detection speed depends on the water usage profile of the house. Achieve a higher detection speed by combining the installation with GROHE Sense at critical locations.


  • For trådløst LAN, strømforsyning, 230 V
  • For én husstand
  • Oppdager rørbrudd, mikrolekkasjer, frost og uvanlig vannstrøm
  • automatisk, manuell eller ekstern avstengningsfunksjon for å begrense vannskader
  • måler gjennemstrømning, vanntrykk og systemtemperatur
  • måler vannforbruk
  • motta varsler og tilpass innstillinger via GROHE Sense App
  • statusindikasjon via LED-lys, alarm og pushvarsler
  • trådløst LAN 2,4 GHz, WPA / WPA2 beskyttet
  • For horisontal eller vertikal installasjon rett ved vannmåleren
  • Anbefales å bruke veggmonteringssettet 22 501 000, selges separat
  • inkludert R3 / 4 "montering nøtter, uttrekkbar strømkabel 0,7 m, plug type C
  • lydklasse 1 etter DIN 4109
  • kun til installering på kaldtvannsrør
  • CE-nummer
  • Produsert i Tyskland
Pos.-Nr. Produktbeskrivelse Ordrenummer
1 Nettadapter 48373LN0
2 Pakningssett 48358000
3 Veggmonteringssett 22501000*
4 Strømkabel forlenger 22521LN0*



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